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        Demszky dismisses OLAF report

        Thursday, February 16th, 2017

        In a lengthy article in the main pro-government daily Budapest Mayor István Tarlós does not accuse his liberal predecessor of corruption, but  finds his attempt to discredit the EU report on the Metro 4 project pathetic. READ MORE

        Klub Radio and Demszky in the cross-hairs

        Thursday, May 17th, 2012

        Népszava accuses the government of trying to silence the only left-wing radio station in Hungary, while Magyar Nemzet finds it unfair that the former liberal Mayor of Budapest can get away scot-free with the dismal heritage he left to his successor. READ MORE

        Right-wing fears of fading popularity

        Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

        A leading right-wing commentator warns the Prime Minister that his followers are losing their patience and expect the government to deliver on their policies, and explain the lack of success. READ MORE