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        Brain drain and emigration within Europe continues

        Monday, August 12th, 2019

        Two independent economic analysts commenting on an EU report on the brain drain recommend that the Hungarian government consider targeted tax cuts for young Hungarians to slow down emigration. A pro-government columnist likens pro-migration EU politicians to colonizers. READ MORE

        Wage hikes may revert emigration

        Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

        A liberal analyst thinks that although wages are still way higher in western Europe, Hungarians working there may still ponder returning home as salaries in Hungary have been steadily increasing for years now. READ MORE

        Coming or Going? Net loss from emigration discussed

        Thursday, September 20th, 2018

        A pro-government columnist contends that emigration trends are reversing and an increasing number of Hungarians are returning home. The leading online financial journal suggests that Hungary’s migration balance is still negative. READ MORE

        Opposition accused of distorting emigration data

        Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

        A pro-government columnist accuses the opposition parties of falsifying emigration statistics in order to criticize the government. READ MORE

        Doubts about Hungary’s growth model

        Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

        A conservative commentator thinks that the Hungarian economy cannot sustain growth in the long run as Hungarian firms cannot significantly increase wages to stop emigration and ease the labor shortage. READ MORE

        1.2 million planning to work abroad?

        Friday, June 23rd, 2017

        A pro-government columnist has doubts about the figures released on the number of Hungarians contemplating emigration. READ MORE

        Repatriation program attracts few expatriates

        Thursday, December 10th, 2015

        A conservative commentator thinks that emigration of young and educated Hungarians can only be reversed if the economic environment in Hungary is made more innovation friendly. READ MORE